Lorenzo Slay

[MÌDNÌGHT] Follow me as I grind from Diamond to Challenger


Gaming Genres: Console Gaming, Real Time Strategy, MOBA
Main Game: League of Legends
Main Position: AP Middle
Fav. Champion: AP Kog'Maw (2500+ ranked games)
Current Ranking: Diamond V ~ 2300 LKP
Strengths: AP Mid, Playing from Behind, Playing Long Hours

Follow me as I grind from Gold V to Diamond


So I have been playing AP kog mid for 4 seasons now, and even after waves of nerfs its still a viable mid pick. This guide shows you how pick, play, and win with AP kog mid.


If you have any questions about the guide, how to win as kog, or if you just wanna say thanks then follow my [twitch] and comment away in my chat. Ill be sure to answer questions while in Q and possibly while in game. If that doesn't work for you, you can always add me on LoL (MÌDNÌGHT) or you can leave a comment at the vanilla version of the guide at [lolking]. Thats not the best way to reach me but I might check out the thread there every once in a while say hello and to make changes.

What am I doing right now?

Here is the deal. I found a solid block of free time so Im going to do be doing some streaming of me climbing from diamond V to Diamond I before the end of the season in November. This is the last leg of what has been a pretty long grind and, as I promised to many people along the way, I have put together the ultimate AP kog'maw guide which you can find above.

I would love to find more time to stream so send me some love by following my stream and or Friend me on LoL (MÌDNÌGHT) or email me at contact@lorenzoslay.com

Little Gaming Background

Started playing video games right around the time the N64 game came out. Loved the system, loved the games, loved the experience, didn't so much love playing alone though. Around age 15 I was able to get my hands on high speed internet and that was a proverbial 'game over' I have been playing ever since. The first game I truly got into was age of empires 3 where I managed to top the charts with a good friend of mine Atrioc looking for a game that myself and a number of close friends could all play, given diverse gaming backgrounds and machine power, we turned to Starcraft I where we enjoyed observing the sprawling Korean Pro scene.

League of Legends

Like many, League of Legends was not my first exposure to the MOBA experience. I had experience with the precursor DOTA and even dabbled in map making for a similar map in the WC3 map creator. With what seemed to be the near simultaneous new-focus on LoL HoN and the announcement of Dota II, I took a gamble on RIOT and they didnt let me down. I have been playing off and on since before Xin Xao came out in all his broken glory... Whenever that was.

Who Am I really?

Coming Soon...

Thanks for wanting to get in contact! The best way to connect with me would be through the LoL Client just add MÌDNÌGHT copy & paste, because I know those symbols are a pain. Also feel free to send me an email at contact@lorenzoslay.com.